Apartma Bc
Kot 51,
5230 Bovec,

Check in

When you arrive to the apartment you can temporarily park your car on the parking across the street from the apartment and carry your luggage inside. Chances are that the parking across the street will be occupied, so we recommend that you use our private parking.

Entrance into apartment
Parking across the street

Private parking

Back of the garage height from ground to the ceiling is 200 cm and front is 220 cm. The narrowest part of the road that leads to the garage is 260 cm.
If your vehicle is larger than dimensions listed above, you will not be able to park here.

Our parking is located 2 minutes of walking from the appartment. 

There is a locked storage facility located next to it, big enough for storing kayaks, bikes or other sports equipement. 

mapaGaraza – kopija
Map (click for larger image)
In front of the appartment
Last turn before parking


If you need additional info you can call:

00386 41 428 439 – Tina
00386 40 702 682 – Martin